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Size: 1 Million Sq.ft. Cultural Space _ 20 Acre site

Competition Team: Duke Sakiyabu, Isabel Ulrich, Ralf Hochstrasser, Shivjit Sidhu


The project was envisioned by the Ministry of Antiquities and Culture, Egypt on a site located adjacent to the Great Pyramids of Giza on the outskirts of Cairo. It is a prominent site with connectivity from the main Cairo 'Ring Road'. The site rises from the lower reaches adjacent to the road to the top of a plateau looking over the Great Pyramids.

The climate is typical of Cairo with oppressive heat for most of the year with scant rainfall and pleasant winter and spring seasons.


The project replaces the existing museum in Cairo with a new facility that is many times larger and more modern than the existing building. The project asked for display space for the vast history of Egypt; galleries were to be dedicated to various epochs of Egypt, along with thematic classification such as people, climate, etc. Further, there was space for temporary exhibits and conservation / scientific research labs along with space for storage, offices and educational programs. Facilities included hospitality for the multitude of local and international visitors expected to the site.



Our scheme created a simple geometric shaft that allowed visitors to traverse the hillside while experiencing galleries.

The shaft was a permeable screen creating a micro-climate within and the ground was open landscape with hospitality and display facilities open to all.

'Nodes' located in the landscape transported people to the galleries hovering above the landscape. 

The roof form allowed open exhibition and views of the pyramids and the city.

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