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Apostrophe A+uD is an award winning International Architecture and Urban Design studio with an active presence in the United States and India. We focus on environmentally sustainable architecture and urban design. Projects designed by Apostrophe A+uD range from single family residences to public urban spaces and urban master-plans. Recent projects include the Pushpak Smart City (750 acres) developed by CIDCO, HUB Eco-City (1700 acres) developed by Aliens Group – Hyderabad and Apostrophe A+uD has contributed to the planning aspects for Mrs. Rani Jadhav IAS Report for Mumbai Port Redevelopment.

We have worked on projects across the globe at multiple scales of operation.
Apostrophe A+uD was founded in 1997 by Prof. Shivjit Sidhu as an Architecture and Urban Design think tank; dedicated to researching and implementing contemporary design solutions for:
    _ Sustainable Technology
    _ An Intelligent Urban Fabric
    _ Affordable Housing

Shivjit Sidhu is Principal Architect at Apostrophe A+uD.


Sidhu received his B.Arch from the University of Southern California and his M.Arch from UCLA as recipient of the prestigious Regent's Fellowship.


His projects have received numerous international design awards, including from the American Institute of Architects.


Since 2002, Sidhu has been on the faculty of the University of Florida, where he teaches design studio and Master's level theory seminars focused on Sustainable Development.


Sidhu has lectured and has had his projects exhibited in the US, Italy, France, Netherlands, Egypt, Japan and India.




M.A. California State University, Fresno _ USA

M.A. Panjab University, Chandigarh



M.Arch: University of California, Los Angeles

B.Arch: University of Southern California

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