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angsana villa,



Size:  12,000 Sq.ft. 5 BHK Villa

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Mohammed Wadkar (Project Architect), Supriya Patil, Nivedita Meher

Structural Engineer: Eng. Mahesh Chavan


Contractor: A.K. Gupta & Asso.


The plot is approximately 1 acre located within a residential community of single family houses on the outskirts of Bangalore. The site enjoys a moderate climate , benefiting from the high altitude and Southern latitude. The site area however has poor water supply and water harvesting and conservation are of paramount importance.

There is a slight slope from the approach road towards the rear of the site.



This Villa is to be the home for a multi-generational family who split their time between Bangalore and Mumbai. The client wanted a classical house designed inspired by Neo-Renaissance sensibilities.

Apostrophe A+uD interpreted this request with a project that subtly shifted symmetry, balance and proportion along with a sensitive use of material. Integral to the design was connections with the landscape where the site topographical shifts allowed us to create connections of different levels of the villa with exterior terraces and decks.



The plan was developed simultaneously as landscape and as interior habitation which was resolved with the site terraces. We worked in physical model and 3D computer models to analyze the resolution between the inside and the outside as an infinite circulation pattern. The result was a villa that allowed us to further develop the idea of “Variegate Infinity” and “Graduated Thresholds” that we developed for the very large Zeus Masterplan at a much more intimate scale.



The villa will be finished with locally sourced stone cladding on the interior and exterior walls along with wooden ceilings and flooring. This will be laminated onto a metal frame structural skeleton along with concrete shear walls and retaining walls.

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