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Size: 6,200 ft2 Townhouses, Each 3,100 ft2 4BHK unit

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Amit Rane, Supriya Patil

Structural Engineer: Mahesh Chavan

MEP Engineer: Spectral Engineering


Contractor: Samira Habitats


The project site is located at the base of a hillside on the North with views of a rice fields and coconut groves sloping towards the sea towards the South. It is approximately 3 acres, jointly for the Saffron Condos and Townhouses.



The two townhouses at the site contain 4 bedrooms, living / dining areas, family room on the upper floor, gardens and terraces along with maid room. They are approximately 5,500 sq.ft. each.



The structure of the townhouses was created for a building housing 6 studio apartments. The project had to be designed with the existing foundations and structural frame in place. Apostrophe modified the existing frame with major additions and alterations including changing the stair cores and the roof line, adding columns and extending slabs. The entire MEP system and service cores also had to be changed to suit the new program.



The project was an extension of the Saffron Hills Condos and took the idea of experiencing the beautiful hill and valley views as a point of departure. We took a similar massing approach as the O2 Villas by creating large open to sky terraces connected to all living and bedroom spaces. On this site, it resulted in amazing view perspective of the hillside that changes as you shift from the ground floor to the top level family room.



The project is constructed with a typical RCC frame and slab system. The site has several retaining walls that are constructed in stone masonry with RCC support. Infill walls are created with lightweight cement blocks.

The primary finish materials are glass, wood and natural stone. Apostrophe A+uD has designed major interior casework and lighting and many of the furniture elements.

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