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bombay rayon,

nariman point


Size: 1,450 ft.2 Commercial Office


Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Mohammed Wadkar (Project Architect), Nivedita Meher

Contractor: Rudal Interiors


1450 sq.ft. Executive office with cabins for Directors, Conference Room, Lounge, Visitor Reception, Staff Workstations and Service Facilities located in Nariman Point, Mumbai



Creating a sense of openness within the cramped footprint of the existing commercial high rise space that was particularly inefficient due to the intrusion of elevator ducts and service cores in the layout space creating a fractured floor-plan. Existing windows that could not be altered and the structural core created further difficulties in planning the space.

The Client wanted a clean, open environment that was also warm and inviting. Acoustic privacy and multiple break-out areas were desirable.



As an extension of the Clients office in Juhu, which Apostrophe also designed for the client, the material palette for the project was the same as the Juhu office, consisting of Wood, Glass and Stone. We employed wooden ceilings (Alexandria Walnut as main ceiling and Cambridge Amber Oak as accent ceiling), floors (Peruvian Walnut) along with wooden cladding (Walnut Panels). This created a warm shell within which we employed Botticino Classico Marble (Cream / Tan with amber brown veins) as cladding for columns and support for glass enclosures.

Continuous aligned glass partitions created a feeling of openness and connectivity throughout the office interior.

Bespoke furniture (cabinets, desks, and sofa sets with table and storage was designed) primarily in wood with matching furnishing.

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