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golfshire villa,



Size: 6500 ft2 Single Family Residence

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Supriya Patil (Project Architect), Nivedita Meher, Zaheen Shaikh

MEP: Apostrophe A+uD


Contractor: A.K. Gupta & Associates


6500 sq.ft. triple storied villa overlooking a golf course with 5 bedrooms, living / dining / entertaining spaces and support facilities. The project entailed extensive changes to the interior room partitions, exterior facade, addition of a new exterior elevator and complete MEP systems refurbishment.



The changes involved both structural and facade changes while keeping the project within the overall design parameters of the community. The Interior mandate was to create a warm, welcoming and comfortable residence for a multi-generational family.



The material palette was Marble for the flooring wall cladding (St. Lauren and Grey Williams) along with wall cladding in local granite in a leather finish and wood cladding. Ceilings were primarily hardwood with multiple soffits and coves for recessed lighting and the AC systems. All furniture was custom designed and constructed for the villa.

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