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space station TOWERS,



Size: 5.5 Million Sq.ft 14 High Rise Towers _ 20 Acre site

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Mohammed Wadkar (Project Architect), Supriya Patil, Amit Rane, Nivedita Meher


Structural Engineer: Dr. Ravi


Contractor: Aliens Group


The project is located close to the Hi-Tech City, a recent extension of Hyderabad featuring commercial complexes for technology and finance corporations. The site is 20 acres and is located adjacent to a seasonal lake.



The project is a high density high-rise complex with 13 residential towers and 1 commercial tower built above a parking and services podium. The project is approximately 5.5 million sq.ft. is size. The podium contains a 19 acre garden and clubhouse along with other social amenities for the residents.



It was originally planned by SPARCH / SMC ALSOP. Apostrophe A+uD has taken over the design and detailing of the project in 2013 while retaining the basic structural frame and thematic design of the project.

Apostrophe amended the building and amenity plans so that they were more responsive to the site conditions, created better efficiency in services, improved the facade and designed the overall site plan with new landscape facility and amenity designs.



The project is constructed in two major parts. The lower elements of the tower are constructed using long span RCC with large load bearing piers. This allows for a 30'-0” open space at the 'Ground' Landscape level that is open with limited pier interruptions. Above the ground floor is a massive 'Transfer Slab' on which the towers rest. This transfer slab acts to divert loads from the apartments above to the piers that also support the parking level slabs.

Above the transfer slab, the towers are built using RCC Shear Walls for both exterior and interior walls. This eliminates the use of masonry for exterior cladding or interior partitions, resulting in a high quality and high efficiency system of construction that will require minimal maintenance over the lifetime of the structure.

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