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Size:  6,500 Sq.ft. Educational Institute


Environmental Technology: Soil Erosion, Tree Preservation, Passive Light/Ventilation/Cooling, Passive Solar Heating/Water Heating, Grey Water Separation, Solar Photo-voltaic Electricity System.

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Mohammed Wadkar (Project Architect), Michael Matthew, Supriya Patil, Nivedita Meher, Nayan Joshi

Structural Engineer: Eng. Ajeet Tyagi


Contractor: Kailash Gindodia Asso.


Located along the Eastern edge of the Kharghar Golf Course, the site for the first phase of the clubhouse is quite constrained. There is a 6 meter setback along the main road and the existing tee-off points and drainage culvert create a narrow strip where we can place the building.



Apostrophe won the competition to design the main Club however due to pending permissions from the Forest Department, the decision was taken to create a secondary facility that will function as the clubhouse until the main facility can become operational. This 'Temporary' facility was designed to serve basic dining / entertainment / banquet functions along with the necessary services. A basic office for membership and accounting, storage facilities and a Golf Pro-Shop was also included.



The project was designed in plan as a series of 'Arcs' that diagrammatically mimicked a golf swing. The three major program areas were placed in pods at either end of an open veranda.

Program areas have slit roofs that feature ambient sunlight and large strip windows that open up to the sweeping views of the golf course.

Apostrophe tried to ensure that we could create maximum utility of the alloted site with exterior and interior seating. All the spaces are connected to the outside through views and also via decks or terraces.

Landscape design played a huge part of the project in shaping the various functions of the project and also to create an experience of privacy and a relaxed atmosphere.



The project is constructed in an RCC frame with in-fill walls constructed with un-coursed stone walls from the site. The main veranda has been fabricated in Mild Steel members and clad with asphalt shingle tiles. The secondary seating area is covered in a tensile architectural fabric. The main interior material is wood used for creating a warm contrast with the natural stone and also for it's acoustic properties.

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