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ASPEN furniture store,



Size:  12,000 Sq.ft. Commercial Showroom


Environmental Technology: Passive Light/Ventilation/Cooling, Passive Solar Heating/Water Heating, Grey Water Separation, Solar Photo-voltaic Electricity System.

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Mohammed Wadkar (Project Architect), Nivedita Meher

Contractor: Aliens Group


The project is located in the Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad on a plot approximately 1,000 sq. yards. It enjoys connections to all major municipal utilities and is a corner plot with frontage onto two major neighborhood streets.



The project is a display showroom for European Furniture along with an Interior Design services company.



Working backward from the client request to create an iconic standalone retail structure and the schedule for design and construction to take place in 2 months and do do so on a very limited budget was the starting point.

Apostrophe A+uD experimented with metal fabrication construction techniques and coordinated with local fabricators so that the design could be easily and speedily constructed. The consensus of simple joints and standardized components along with a simple grid for construction emerged in a repeating “Module” which was repeated 9 times. This was arranged on the site in a square pattern to create a simple 9 square gird onto which the various program elements were overlaid. MEP elements for the shop display and functions were overlaid.

The facade was treated as both signboard and as a regulatory device for control of light / heat.



The primary construction was metal fabrication for the structure and roof system. This was supported by an RCC foundation and glass / concrete masonry unit facade.

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