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chagrin falls villa,




7500 sq.ft. Ranch Mansion inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style of architecture, set among a 7 acre plot of pines and ash, cedar and elm trees. The mansion contains 5 bedrooms, living and entertaining areas, a pool wing, a summer room set away from the kitchen and a partial basement. The Clients wanted to better integrate the summer room with the main kitchen area to create a large family area, improve the landscape between this new family area and the existing living area, remodel the basement and convert two ground floor bedrooms into a single master suite.



The changes involved both structural and interior changes, however the premise was to design all new interventions in harmony of the original design while modernizing appliances and MEP systems.



The material palette extended the feel of the original structure (wood, glass and brick) with similarly compatible materials.

Size: 7,500 ft2 Single Family Residence _ 7 Acre site


Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Supriya Patil (Project Architect), Mehvish Quereshi, Zaheen Shaikh


Contractor: A. Morgan Construction Group

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