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Size: 1700 Acre site


Environmental Technology: Soil Erosion Control, Passive Light/Ventilation/Cooling, Passive Solar Heating/Water Heating, Grey Water Separation, Solar Photovoltaic Electricity System, Rainwater Harvesting


Contractor: Aliens Group


The site is approximately 1700 acres of valleys and hilltops in a semi-arid climatic zone. The site is bordered by a forest eco-preserve on several borders and is currently comosed of fallow or non-intensive farmland. The hills are composed of granite and create striking landscape formations. Water is extremely scarce and all service utilities will need to be created on site as none currently exist.



South of the International Airport at Hyderabad approx. 50km from the High Tech City.



Apostrophe conceptualized a plan with a focus on preservation of the local topographical features, flora and fauna of the site as an essential aspect of design. The strategy for preservation was directly connected to water management; sub-surface aquifers, surface hydrology and building water conservation. The design of the project can literally be traced by an understanding of the collection, flow and circulation of water at the site, campus and building level.


The size of the project necessitated the project be designed and implemented in 4 stages each of 6 years with total involvement of the project implementation at 24 years at a minimum. These stages are;

Exploration – Creation of greater bio-diversity at site and laying the basic infrastructure for water management systems. Primary architectural intervention – Resort and Hospitality Facilities

In-habitation – Expansion of bio-diversity infrastructure at site and introduction of low density housing and support facilities.

Innovation – Medium density programmatic systems (Institutions, Commercial) that tie into the overall landscape strategy and infrastructure at site. Major water harvesting and storage basins are fully functional.

Re-Conception – Architectural and Mechanical systems investigation to further increase the energy systems and site sustainability strategy to support the higher density and occupancy levels at site. Site is expected to function as an organism of self-determination with equilibrium of it's resources.

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