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Size:  56 Acre Adaptive Reuse Site

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Michael Matthew, Saumin Lad, Supriya Patil


The Sasson Docks were built in 1875 in present day Colaba, Mumbai. They were the first commercial wet docks in the city and helped promote further development of docks which helped Mumbai become a major cotton center and industrial hub. Currently, the docks are used primarily by commercial fishing vessels and fish processing along with myriad unrelated activities. The Mahesh Mills, adjacent to the dock are not operational.



Apostrophe A+uD has proposed to the city authorities (BMC) a Schematic Masterplan that will redevelop the entire Sasson Dock / Mahesh Mills area and connect it to the proposed Mumbai Metro to create a mixed use neighborhood with mass transit connections.


  • Waterfront Promenade that connects to the Gateway of India in the North to the Port Trust Park in the South

  • Waterfront Development with mixed typology of housing, commercial and retail.

  • Housing ranging from affordable units to middle income and high net worth units.

  • Connection to Mass transit and a Metro stop at site

  • Ferry Terminal for water transit connectivity

  • High Street runs through the heart of the site with plazas opening to retail and entertainment blocks.

  • Cross streets that connect Waterfront Promenade to the High Street.

  • Cultural and Educational institutes are part of the plan.

  • Fishing Vessels and Fish Processing / Sales continue at site. Greater amenities for vessel maintenance, crew management, etc. are created at site.

  • Alleviates traffic along the busy Colaba street and injects greater vitality to the tourist shopping avenue.

  • Creates a new Maritime Museum along the Promenade.

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