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Size:  100 Acre site


Environmental Technology: Soil Erosion Control, Passive Light/Ventilation/Cooling, Passive Solar Heating/Water Heating, Grey Water Separation, Solar Photovoltaic Electricity System.

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Amit Rane (Project Architect), Michael Matthew, Supriya Patil, Humairah Faroqui


The Project Site Area is 27.3 Ha. (68.25 acres) The Total Site Consideration Area is approximately 40.2 Ha. (100.5 acres) approximately, including the Eco-Preserve Area.



With the northward expansion of Mumbai, the Enclave is located within easy access to the existing airport and the proposed International Airport. It is in the heart of the Greater Mumbai Region serving a population of over 18 million people and is extremely well connected via car or light rail. There will be helipad facilities located on site for further access.



The project is located just south of the Airoli Bridge in Thane. It is accessed by highways and an arterial road that will connect to the Vashi-Belapur Business Areas via a proposed bridge. These are modern roads with multiple lanes, dividers and street lighting. The site is also in close proximity to the Suburban Rail Network on Greater Mumbai and located next to a proposed bus depot making accessibility to the site very convenient for visitors and residents. The site enjoys scenic waterfront frontage along 80% of its perimeter with only the Northern Edge connected to the mainland. The site is approximately 2 mts. above the surrounding area with a stone bund protecting it from flooding. The site does not have any human inhabitation or structure, nor are there any major trees that will have to be relocated. In addition, the site topography is essentially flat and has the availability of all utilities making it very convenient to start construction.



The International Diplomatic Enclave project was conceived by CIDCO to serve as a gateway for countries from around the globe to engage in mutually beneficial collaborations with the millions of Indian citizens that lie in the Enclave catchment basin of Greater Mumbai along with a much wider target in Maharashtra and Western India.



This project, the first of its kind in India, has been designed keeping in mind the stringent requirements of providing a world class atmosphere in an extremely safe enclave with the provision of infrastructure, security, utilities and communication facilities.



The Enclave is complete with an International School, Multiple Configuration Auditoriums, Seminar Facilities, Exhibition Spaces, Health Club, Convenience Shopping and Restaurants. These facilities allow unique flexibility and efficiency for project stakeholders in the design and programming of their own Consulate and Institutional Buildings, creating great value to the overall project.



The entire site has been designed to create the ambience of a landscaped campus. Roads and Intersections are lined with landscaped medians and islands. There are walking paths that connect to gardens, water courts and piazzas. Several cafes are inter-spread between the landscape areas to create a truly cosmopolitan urban environment.



The Enclave is equipped with an aesthetically designed but completely effective triple screening system for any visitors. This system creates a buffer zone for all consulate plots. There are separate security screening points for diplomatic staff, visitors and service personnel. Automotive entry/screening is also segmented into diplomatic staff and visitor/service vehicle lanes. There is a central CCTV monitoring station and a computer controlled visitor tracking system. Individual Consulates have the option of creating another layer of security/ screening at their plots. E.M.P: Facility design and site circulation has been created to facilitate an orderly Emergency Management Plan. There is a central Security Tower which monitors the entire site via CCTV and smoke/fire and intruder sensors. There are hardwired lines of communication between all plots and the Security Tower in case of any natural disaster or human disturbance.



The facilities, security arrangements and overall environment provided for Consulates and International Agencies by the Enclave are only possible in this Masterplan development. The critical mass of multiple international agencies will create synergetic opportunities for project stakeholders to engage in shared/group activities that would not be possible in a disparate environment.



The Enclave is designed with a World Class housing estate. The apartments are of premium design with multiple configurations; starting from a 3 bedroom 1500 sq.ft. apartment to a 2500 sq.ft. luxury townhouse with private terrace. The housing estate includes a short stay service apartment building with convenience shops for visiting diplomats or professionals. The Housing estate is designed with extensive gardens and has adequate parking facilities.

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