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Saha villa,



Size: 6,200 ft2 Villa

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Supriya Patil, Mohammed Wadkar

Structural Engineer: Mahesh Chavan

MEP Engineer: Spectral Engineering


Contractor: Samira Habitats


The plot is approximately one acre located in a compound of weekend homes. Located near the coastal town of Alibag, East of South Mumbai and most easily accessible by boat from Mumbai, the area is a favorite getaway from the urban confine of Mumbai city. The site is located at the base of hills, part of the Sahyadri range, with the hilly backdrop creating a beautiful panorama that the villa enjoys.

The plot topography features two hillocks that emerge from the hill divided by two seasonal streams that run through the site and create a significant depression in the site.



The project calls for a weekend villa for a multi-generational family. The project will feature multiple suites for extended family and friends along with multiple spaces for gathering and entertainment within the house and in the sprawling garden space.



The client wanted a house that opened to a large garden, however with the site divided by the streams and a major part of it on a slope, the family considered selling the plot in exchange for a flatter site. Apostrophe A+uD considered the beautiful topographical features and the existing trees an advantage and we took it as a challenge to use this site.



          I Hung The Moon On Various

          Branches Of The Pine

                                              _ Hokushi


This Haiku provided inspiration for site placement; by adapting our preconceived ideas so that they conform to the larger reality of site and views. The design process resulted in a villa that was a bridge; spanning across the stream and connecting the two hillocks. This created two major advantages;

  • The plot area was relatively free from construction and could be used for landscape. This included the stepped terraces and embankment of the streams. Apostrophe designed softscape gardens, hardscape decks on the terraces and also slipped a swimming pool within the retaining walls. The space below the 'bridge' was a deck that connected to a family room and enclosed courtyard.

  • The villa itself, hovering over the stream highest point of the site, experienced sweeping views of the hills and the valley below. The living rooms were placed over the stream with panoramic windows on either end allowing an amazing connection of occupants to the site even when sitting indoors.



The main structure of the villa is a metal structural truss that spans between two RCC anchors at the hillocks. The site has several retaining walls that are constructed in stone masonry with RCC support. Infill walls are created with lightweight cement blocks.

The primary finish materials are glass, wood and natural stone. Apostrophe A+uD has designed major interior casework and lighting and many of the furniture elements.

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