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bombay rayon office,



Size: 1,500 ft2 Commercial Office


Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Supriya Patil (Project Architect), Zaheen Shaikh, Nivedita Meher

MEP Engineer: Spectral Engineering


Contractor: A.K. Gupta & Asso.


1,500 sq.ft. Executive office with cabins for Directors, Conference Room, Lounge, Visitor Reception, Staff Workstations and Service Facilities located in Juhu, Mumbai.



Designing an efficient and comfortable work space for the Directors and Staff was paramount. A Spatial paradigm that resolved conflicting desires of connection and privacy were to be solved architecturally.

The firm wanted space for extensive consultations and meetings within Director Cabins and in separate meeting rooms / lounges. The low ceiling height saddled with even lower beams dividing the space along with several large columns created a severely restricted space.



The material palette for the project consisted of Wood, Glass and Stone. We employed wooden ceilings (Alexandria Walnut as main ceiling and Cambridge Amber Oak as accent ceiling), floors (Peruvian Walnut) along with wooden cladding (Walnut Panels). This created a warm shell within which we employed Botticino Classico Marble (Cream / Tan with amber brown veins) as cladding for columns and support for glass enclosures.

Continuous aligned glass partitions created a feeling of openness and connectivity throughout the office interior.

Bespoke furniture (cabinets, desks, and sofa sets with table and storage was designed) primarily in wood with matching furnishing.

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