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raigad resort,


May   /   2015

Size: 24,000 Sq.ft Resort _ 15 Acre site


Construction Type: Reinforced Concrete Frame with Insulated Brick Infill walls


Environmental Technology: Soil Erosion Control, Passive Light/Ventilation/Cooling, Passive Solar Heating/Water Heating, Grey Water Separation, Solar Photovoltaic Electricity System, Organic Landscape, Farm to Fork Restaurant

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Supriya Patil (Project Architect), Saumin Lad, Amit Rane

Structural Engineer: Eng. Ajeet Tyagi


Contractor: Laxman Kadam


The project is located on the Old Mumbai Pune Highway, 15 km east of the Mumbai suburb of Panvel. The area is predominantly farmland with minor service facilities located along the highway. The plot is 15 acres with frontage of approximately 1000' along the highway.



An existing hotel existed on the site. The existing facilities are located in two primary buildings- a room block and a services block. The client wanted to expand and improve the existing facilities while creating a logical and uniform landscape and architectural language for the site.



Apostrophe A+uD began with a detailed survey of the site and the existing structures. This was followed by a logical mapping of client and service flow diagrams for the multiple visitor types (banquet, resort, dining). From parking to landscape and from service circulation to user experience was charted for each visitor type and a strategic site layout was created so that shorter term visitor functions did not intrude upon privacy of resort experience.

Landscape was appropriately designed to conform to this logic flow while taking into consideration existing trees. Additional facilities such as gates, covered walkways, banquet kitchen, restrooms, etc. were created in the landscape that served with the new program.


It was decided that the existing building would be retained with extensive modifications and additions. The rooms block in particular was expanded to create a larger floor-plate, increasing the room sizes and adding exterior terraces. The buildings were stripped and after structural additions, complete MEP and interiors were added.



The project is constructed with a typical RCC frame and slab system. The site has several retaining walls that are constructed in stone masonry with RCC support. Infill walls are created with lightweight cement blocks. Extensive metal fabrication was done on the roof terraces for the restaurant and lounge.

The primary finish materials are glass, wood and natural stone. Apostrophe A+uD has designed major interior casework and lighting and many of the furniture elements.

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