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Size: 9,500 ft2 Commercial Office

Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect), Michael Matthew, Amit Rane, Supriya Patil

MEP Engineer: Spectral Engineering


Contractor: August Interiors


9,500 sq.ft. Consulate Offices with Public, Consular and Staff areas spread across an entire floor of a high rise in Nariman Point, Mumbai.



The Consul General expressed three points of emphasis; Transparency, Convenience and Efficiency. As a Consular Office, issues of safety and security remain paramount. Apostrophe worked with the key Liaison officer for the Chinese Consulate to create a design vocabulary that prioritized these issues. The principal elements consisted of creating interconnected compartments for Visitor areas / Staff working and recreational areas and the key Consular Offices. The connecting corridors between these compartments and the partition walls of the offices became a multi-layered skin that allowed varying levels of transparency and also become functional with addition of niches and pockets that held various programmatic elements such as storage, display, equipment, etc.



This multi-layered skin was created with wood panels and translucent polycarbonate sheets molded onto a structural frame of aluminum purlins. The other primary materials were wood cladding and matt-satin finish tile flooring. Lighting (diffused, recessed, reflected, direct, and accent) was a central aspect of the overall spatial composition. Materials were finished both to create a warm atmosphere and also for the right acoustic qualities that were desired in the respective spaces.

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