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Construction Type: Metal CNC Fabrication with Floating Jetty System


Apostrophe Team: Shivjit Sidhu (Principal Architect),  Mohammed Wadkar (Project Architect), Supriya Patil


The site is offshore area between the Gateway of India monument (Apollo Bandar) and the Arthur Bandar at Radio Club. To the immediate North is are Naval Dockyards that require a 200 mts. minimum clearance from any vessel.



With the growth of maritime traffic as efficient mass transit connecting Alibag / JNPT / Navi Mumbai along with tourism, fishing and private vessels; the current system of open anchorage is not efficient, safe, organized or conducive to growth. The requirement for an organized marina with adequate facilities for the various stakeholders has been discussed at various stages. The Mumbai Maritime Board decided to study the possibility for a marina that would meet the current and future needs. Mumbai First, a citizen advocacy group for civic improvement, voiced the need for plans to be created that would be suitable for all stakeholders, including residents and business in the vicinity. They recommended Apostrophe A+uD as the designers.



It was immediately apparent that the project needs to offer a Comprehensive Solution that would be beneficial to the various stakeholders. The concept therefore arose from creating a solution that derived from creating multiple flow paths that were drawn from the perspective of each stakeholder. These solutions were then layered to create a comprehensive solution that emerged from the synergistic relationship between tourism, commerce, transit, safety, heritage, pedestrian linkages, traffic management, security and sustainability.




Apostrophe A+uD worked with the Mumbai Maritime Board and the Mumbai Transformation Support Unit to create a feasibility and showcase masterplan for the Colaba Marina. Some of the key parameters of the project were;

  • Improved Vehicular and Pedestrian movement in the site area; including around the major hospitality and event venues in this dense tourist district

  • Vastly expanded broadwalk from Gateway of India to Arthur Bandar (Jetty) with tourist and recreation facilities

  • Security concerns for Navy Dockyard needed to be addressed with 200 mts. Setback and movement for private yachts, passenger ferries, fishing vessels and security boats needed to be addressed

  • Floating jetty with separate zones for private vessels and passenger ferries along with marina slips and maintenance / service facilities planned

  • Design of Sea-wall breakwater to create all weather marina with enhanced safety and planned circulation. The breakwater was designed to accommodate a floating Museum / Hotel from the converted Aircraft Carrier Vikrant. Seawall design with consideration to silt accumulation and coastal ecology.

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